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> How to Analyze and Connect with Your Audience

I wanted to walk off the stage!

Many years ago when I first started speaking to large groups,
I addressed a Chamber of Commerce where I wanted to
walk off the stage in the middle of my speech. I felt like I was
dying a slow death before 300 people. They looked so
uninterested in what I was saying. I sweat so much that my
shirt and suit jacket were drenched.

So why did I "die" that night when the previous day I gave the
same presentation and the audience loved it? I learned a
valuable lesson that night that I want to share with you now so
you don't ever experience what I did. The Big Lesson: Learn
About Your Audience!

You've probably heard that before, but most presenters don't
take the time to learn what's important and unimportant to the
group they are addressing. Knowing your material is not enough.
As the expression goes, "Before I can sell what Jane Jones buys,
I must see through Jane Jones' eyes." Before you get up to
speak, answer the following key questions about your audience.
If you need assistance, contact the person who invited you to
speak or some members of the group.

1. What is important to this group?
2. What are their wants and needs?
3. What are some of their biggest challenges and problems?
4. What successes have they had that you can comment on?
5. What is special about this group?
6. What will turn them on or off?
7. What is their listening and learning style?
8. What are their feelings about me and my topic?
9. What examples will they appreciate?
10. What will inspire them to take action?
11. What do they have in common with me?
12. Have they been drinking alcohol?
13. Is their attendance voluntary or mandatory?
14. What do they expect from my presentation?
15. How can I exceed their expectations?

Keep these questions handy, use the answers to develop
your presentations and you will connect with your audience
and "shine in the spotlight" every time.

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